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From 2011 till 2016 in the project EREMITA MEADOWS it is planned to do researches, develop planning documents, as well as to perform management activities for Fennoscandian wooded meadows, to develop nature trail and information stands about activities in nature and their reciprocity in several specially protected nature areas. There have been planned activities for research of specially protected beetle species and for communication with inhabitants of project territories on how essential for maintenance of Latvian nature diversity are untouched, old forests, separate old trees growing in meadows and enclosed by forest, as well as dry and fallen trees, which ensure place of living for many plant and animal species. 

Main project activities:

Inventory and Habitat management plan for Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*)

The Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*) is one of species-richest and less represented habitats in Boreal biogeographic region, and in all countries of this region its status is unfavourable.

The plan was developed in accordance with the regulations stated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, there were included scientific information, assessment of socially economical situation, detailed maps, as well as definite activities of management and monitoring. During the development of the plan there has been organized public discussion of the plan, involving local municipalities, inhabitants and land owners in the preparation of the plan.

Habitat management plan was approved by Order No 51 of Ministry of Environment and Regional Development on 09.02.2015.

Project action completed


Inventory and Species management plan for Phryganophilus ruficollis 

In Latvia there is only one known finding of specially protected beetle species Phryganophilus ruficollis in Slītere National Park. In the framework of the project in cooperation with Latvian Association of Entomology there have been performed significant researches in potential habitats of this species, however the species was not traced in the period of project realization. Project activity, in which development of species protection plan was planned, was cancelled due to lack of data about distribution of this rare beetle species in Latvia.

Project action cancelled


Inventory and Nature Management plan for NATURA 2000 site (pilot area) - nature reserve "Eglone"

The nature reserve "Eglone" is important site for conservation of wooded meadows (6530*) and Osmoderma barnabita. Management plan is necessary tool in order to list main requirements of site values, to realize threats to them and plan actions to prevent them. Management plans are prepared for protected areas in order to ensure continuity of site management, to set goals for it.

Nature management plan was approved by Order No 28 of Ministry of Environment and Regional Development on 27.01.2015.

Project action completed


Development of plan for ecological network for conservation of rare saproxylophagous beetles and suitable habitats

The plan was envisaged for provision of effective conservation of protected saproxylophagous beetle species, as well as of their habitats – protected forest habitats and Fennoscandian wooded meadows. Researches of Osmoderma barnabita distribution, molecular-biological and parasitological investigations were performed within it for analysis of population structure. In the framework of the project it is planned to identify potential habitats for saproxylophagous beetle species, protected in Europe, by applying methods of cartographic modelling, as well as to prepare recommendations for developers of nature protection plans and other planning documents.

Action ongoing


Mapping and development of interactive GIS database of Osmoderma barnabita and Phryganophilus ruficollis

In the framework of the project GIS database of Osmoderma barnabita findings, as well as database of the territories managed within the project were developed in Nature Conservation Agency Nature data management system OZOLS.

Action completed


Restoration and primary mowing of Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*)

The activity includes removal of bushes and younger trees from overgrown Fennoscandian wooded meadows in order to reach favourable conservation status of them in each of sites.

According to the plans provided in project application restoration and primary mowing of Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*) was performed in the territory of 40 ha in total.

Action completed


The management of biologically valuable large dimension trees - habitats of Osmoderma barnabita

The activity includes removal of bushes and younger trees from area under canopy of  large dimension broadleaved trees - habitats of  Osmoderma barnabita in order to ensure conditions for favourable conservation status of this and other species.

According to the plans provided in project application the management of biologically valuable large dimension trees – habitats of Osmoderma was performed in the territory of 20 ha (202 trees managed).

Action completed


Arrangement of demonstration sites

The demonstration objects for demonstration of special biodiversity-friendly management of wooded meadows and large dimension old-growth trees in forest, awareness rising about biodiversity of these habitats, as well as about LIFE program.

Arrangement of demonstration sites. There are 6 demonstration sites developed – in nature parks „Silene” and „Dvietes paliene”, “Embūte”, “Raķupes ieleja”, “Sitas un Pededzes paliene” and nature reserve „Eglone”. It is planned to finish arrangement of 4 more demonstration sites(Nature reserves “Lubāna mitrājs”, “Augstroze”, Vidusburtnieks” and nature park “Ogres ieleja”).

Action ongoing


Training of nature rangers in biodiversity conservation in Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*) and old-growth forests

In the framework of the project seminars for training of nature rangers and nature observers were organized, participants of the seminars were introduced both theoretically and practically with Fennoscandian wooded meadows, nature values related to them, and meadows management for maintenance of nature values.

Action completed


Involvement and education campaign for schoolchildren in conservation of NATURA 2000 sites

In the framework of the project education campaign for schoolchildren was organized in various protected nature territories, which have been included in Natura 2000 network in Latvia. During the activities through educational exercises children and youngsters got acquainted with the protected habitat – Fennoscandian wooded meadows and nature values existing in them, they learned about significance of old and hollow trees in existence of various protected species, as well as about life of rare beetle - Osmoderma barnabita. Teachers from Children‘s Environmental School, who have elaborated methodological material “Educational Activities for Schoolchildren in Natura 2000 territories”, were attracted for development of training activities.

Action completed


Arrangement of the nature trail and information centre in nature reserve "Eglone"

During the project realization 5,2 km long nature trail was developed, its visitors can learn more about protected habitats in nature reserve “Eglone” and get the most significant information about nature values in the reserve, appropriate management and conservation of them. In Tadenava Library in the framework of the project it is planned to develop information centre of nature reserve “Eglone”.

 Action ongoing