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LIFE09 NAT/LV/000240

Nature reserve „Eglone”


Surface area (ha): 159

Nature reserve established to maintain forest habitats of EU importance - Fennoscandian natural old broad-leaved forests 9020*, where rare and protected species of lichens are found. The area is surrounded by river Eglone.  The forest types include lime-mixed aspen, spruce, birch forests with species-rich ground. Several parcels of natural forest habitats. There are fennoscandian wooded meadows 6530* around the river as well as several individual large oak trees.

Species / habitats:
Plants: Gladiolus imbricatus L.
Invertebrates: Osmoderma eremita (Sc.), Lycaena dispar Hw
Birds: Dendrocopos leucotos, Dendrocopos medius, Dryocopus martius


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