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LIFE09 NAT/LV/000240

Nature park „Kuja”


Surface area (ha): 10788

Mosaics of farmland and forest scenery are along the river banks, ameliorated, but many abandoned and naturally restoring riverbank floodplains. The area with exceptionally high bird diversity of fauna and international importance of the Birds Directive and the Latvian specially protected species populations.

Species / habitats:
Plants: Allium ursinum L., Agrimonia pilosa Ledeb.
Invertebrates: Osmoderma eremita (Sc.), Ceruchus chrysomelinus Hoch., Unio crassus
Birds: Aquila pomarina G. L. Brehm, Circus aeruginosus (L.), Circus pygargus (L.), Cygnus cygnus (L.)
Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*)